My car friend

I love crippled cars. Missing the roof.

Convertibles. I have driven cars without a roof in every kind of weather there is. Hagel, rain, sun, storm and snow. In snowy conditions the turbulence inside the coupé spit the snowflakes out of the car. If you drive fast enough.

Anyhow, when I decided to really go through with my Beachwalker dream, I had to buy the perfect car. Tailor made for this assignment. It had to be big enough for my luggage, fast enough for my need for speed and non thirsty enough for my conscience.

I had to compromise a bit, but I went for the Audi S5 Convertible. 4WD, supercharged V6, 4 seats, neck heater and many more features. I designed it as non sporty and sober as possible. Grey, dark brown leather, grey top, and only 18-inches alloys.

Some problem with the wind stopper, otherwise nothing but good behaviour so far. My plan is to keep it until there will be a fast but more environmental friendly model in the future. Until then I climate compensate my trips for carbon dioxide via a wooden stove project in Ghana.


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