Sudersand Fårö – Michael Douglas

Watch out for the feather weight

Watch out for the feather weight. The wind is strong this very day. Not even the birdiest birds can keep their feathers on.



Beachlove is all the love you need sometimes. Michael Douglas fell in love with Sudersand a couple of years ago. I did just that before Mr Michael did. Sudersand has been on the top ten list of the best beaches in the world several times.


Sandy beach volleyboll

Sandy beach volleyboll. It’s the best beach activity accept from walking and talking and stalking. Many years ago I played with friends for many hours and suddenly remembered that I needed to be on a ferry from Visby 5 hours later. I borrowed an old military bike without gears and cycled 60 kilometers with a ”väldans” heavy back pack back on my back. Throwback back in the hoods.


No offence on this fence

No offence on this fence


The very end of Sudersand

The very end of Sudersand


AB - After Beach

AB – After Beach. At the best restaurant in Fårö, Fårögården.





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